Investment Management

We believe the best way to control risk is through global diversification among asset classes and investment strategies. To develop a strategic, or long-term, asset allocation for you that is durable, flexible and tailored to your unique needs, we adhere to a disciplined process that typically involves the following steps:


Define and prioritize your objectives
by considering your investment time horizon and by balancing goals for preservation and growth of capital with tolerance for risk and cash flow/income requirements

Establish target asset allocation ranges
for the various assets to be represented in your portfolio, considering recommendations from Atlantic Trust's Asset Allocation Committee

Document your strategy
, which may include a written investment policy statement (IPS) that will guide the management of assets toward your desired results

Implement your strategy
using the appropriate mix of proprietary and/or external managers across a full array of asset classes; effectively manage portfolio transitions and related tax implications

Make tactical adjustments
to your allocation based on opportunities or risks in the market, considering Asset Allocation Committee guidance

Firm Expert

David L. Donabedian, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

Our Hybrid Investment Approach

Internal and external investment expertise at work for you.

Strategic and Opportunistic Asset Allocation

We’re seeking opportunities that are significant and sustainable—well beyond what is often referred to as market timing.

Risk Management Expertise

A key to wealth preservation is minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss.