Wealth Strategies

Medical Care and Insurance

Social Security Benefits
Use this calculator to estimate your Social Security benefits.

Age Wave: Transitioning into Later Life (PDF)
It's not easy to balance the challenge of caregiving for an elderly parent while facing a host of bewildering decisions that affect your own financial and medical security. Preparing for these transitions is an important first step.

The New Medicare Surtax (PDF)
In 2013, a new 3.8% Medicare surtax will be imposed on certain passive investment income of individuals, trusts and estates. For taxpayers to be able to strategically plan around the tax, they must first understand to which income it applies and how the tax is calculated.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Planning for the Unknown (PDF)
One of our biggest fears as we age is becoming a burden to loved ones, which is why long-term care insurance should be considered when creating a retirement plan.

Planning for Medical Expenses in Retirement (PDF)
The rising cost of medical expenses is of concern for all ages. How to plan for potential medical bills should be considered sooner rather than later.

Income and Estate Planning

Retirement Planner
Use this calculator to help you create your retirement plan, including your retirement savings balance and your withdrawals for each year until the end of your retirement.

Retirement Income
Use this calculator to determine how much monthly income your retirement savings may provide you in your retirement.

Life Expectancy
This calculator can give you an idea of your life expectancy based on your current age, smoking habits, gender and several other important lifestyle choices.

Planning with Retirement Assets (PDF)
If your big picture includes ensuring a retirement income stream and passing along assets to loved ones later, it's crucial that you understand the effects of income and estate tax laws. Integrated, long-term planning is important—and should be done well in advance.

Moving to Florida (PDF)
No state income tax, no state estate tax and the repeal of the Florida Intangibles Tax make Florida an attractive destination if you are looking to relocate.

Moving to Florida (Video)
Head of Wealth Strategies Linda Beerman outlines the tax advantages of having domicile in Florida, along with methods for effectively changing one's domicile from another state of residence.

Retirement By the Numbers (PDF)
Financial priorities may vary depending on your age, but every person wants a successful retirement. This workbook can help you estimate your retirement needs and explain the options available to you and your family.

When to Claim Your Social Security Benefits? (PDF)
Deciding when to begin claiming Social Security benefits depends on each person's individual financial circumstances. Understanding the rules regarding Social Security payments is the first step in evaluating this important retirement income decision.

Wisdom and Wealth: A Workbook for Wealth Creation (PDF)
There are specific financial planning goals that should be considered during each decade of life. This workbook presents a series of questions meant to help you to better define your goals.

Investment Retirement Accounts

Roth IRA
Use this calculator to compare the Roth IRA to an ordinary taxable investment.

Traditional IRA
Use this calculator to see how contributing to a traditional IRA can help you in your retirement.

Roth Versus Traditional IRA
Use this calculator to determine which IRA may be right for you. This calculator should not be used for Roth 401(k) comparisons.

Roth IRA Conversion
Use this calculator to see the advantage, if any, of converting your IRA to a Roth.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
Use this calculator to determine your required minimum distributions (RMD) as an account owner of a retirement account. This financial calculator will also look at potential future years' distribution requirements.

A Roth IRA Conversion May Complement Estate and Legacy Plans (PDF)
Preparing for the future involves finding tools that help add value to your estate while maximizing your financial legacy—a Roth IRA conversion may benefit your estate.

Eight Ways Money Can Make Its Way into a Roth IRA (PDF)
When trying to fund a Roth IRA account, there are various contribution, conversion and transfer options for investors to consider.

Taking Distributions from Roth IRAs (PDF)
It is important to understand that there are certain rules relating to when a distribution is received from a Roth IRA.

To Roth or Not to Roth Your Retirement Account (PDF)
You and your Atlantic Trust relationship manager should determine which type of IRA best fits your retirement strategy.

Traditional or Roth: Which IRA Is Right for You? (PDF)
Retirement-minded individuals have the option of choosing between the tax-deductible benefits of a traditional IRA or the tax-free earnings growth of a Roth IRA.

Education Planning

College Savings
Use this calculator to help develop or fine tune your education savings plan.

Funding Education for Children and Grandchildren (PDF)
Financial planning for education is crucial—not only for the parents themselves, but also for grandparents and other relatives who can afford to help out.

Funding Education for Children and Grandchildren (Video)
Head of Wealth Strategies Linda Beerman describes ways clients can provide education funding for their grandchildren, not only to benefit their grandchildren, but also to provide an indirect gift to their children by relieving the burden of large tuition payments.

Section 529 Plans: An Education Funding Option (PDF)
Section 529 Plans are education funds created by federal statute that can provide you with income and gift tax advantages if you are providing for education expenses.

Basic Gift and Estate Planning

Basic Estate and Gift Planning (Video)
Chief Fiduciary Officer Linda Beerman guides clients through various planning strategies that can help avoid taxation on transfers of their wealth to their families.

Annual Exclusion Gifts (PDF)
By following a consistent program of annual exclusion gifts to children and grandchildren, an estate owner can dramatically reduce the size of his or her taxable estate.

Basic Estate and Gift Planning (PDF)
The heart of every estate plan is providing for those you love. That means not only distributing the assets accumulated during your lifetime but also minimizing what goes to taxes.

Dynasty Trusts: Keep It in the Family (PDF)
A dynasty trust is any trust that lasts longer than one generation below the grantor, taking advantage of the federal generation skipping transfer (GST) tax exemption to remove family wealth from the transfer tax system for as long as the trust is in existence.

Gifting to Grandchildren: A Lasting Legacy (PDF)
Grandparents can assist their adult children—who are currently overwhelmed with the high costs of raising their own children—by providing benefits to grandchildren during difficult economic times.

Grantor Trusts Can Give Your Estate Plan a Boost (PDF)
A grantor trust can help you trim estate taxes by making lifetime transfers to family members—reducing your net worth and resulting in fewer taxable assets in your estate.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (PDF)
An irrevocable life insurance trust can help you reduce estate taxes and maximize the utility of life insurance by arranging for ownership of the policy outside of the estate of the insured(s).

Outright Gifts to Grantor Trusts: Strategies for Family Wealth (PDF)
A grantor trust allows the grantor of a trust to be treated as the owner of the trust assets. This allows the trust principal to grow without incurring any tax, because the income is taxed at the grantor's rate.

Qualified Personal Residence Trust (PDF)
A qualified personal residence trust is an estate planning technique that can help you take advantage of the valuation discounts that result from splitting an interest in property.

Types of Trusts: An Overview (PDF)
This guide provides an overview of seven types of trusts, while also reviewing their advantages and disadvantages for different types of investors.

Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning Alternatives: Planning Matrix (PDF)
A comparison of outright gifts, grantor retained annuity trusts, sales to defective trusts and limited liability companies can help you decide which planning options are a good fit for your goals.

Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (PDF)
Ideal for transferring hard-to-value assets, grantor retained annuity trusts allow a grantor to split interests in property and make discounted gifts to children while preserving the asset's income stream.

Installment Sale of Defective Grantor Trust (PDF)
Differences in income and estate tax laws allow you to transfer anticipated appreciation of assets to children or grandchildren at a reduced gift tax rate.

Planning with Real Estate (PDF)
The gift tax has been made permanent at $5.25 million (indexed for inflation). For your family or your favorite charity, now is the time to take advantage of these tax benefits without hurting your liquidity.

Year-End Planning

Estate Plan Checkup for the New Year (PDF)
An annual estate planning checkup is a good New Year's resolution that can help alert you to tax saving opportunities occasioned by changes in the law, the economy and your personal circumstances.

Now Is the Ideal Time to Take Stock of Old Trusts (PDF)
It is important to conduct a review of your estate plan, considering how existing provisions fit your current goals and addressing trouble spots before they arise.

Tax Law

After DOMA: What the Windsor Decision Means for Same-Sex Couples and Family Wealth Planning (PDF)
While the legal and financial issues for same-sex couples are critically important, there are also a number of very practical considerations that arise when advising same-sex couples in connection with their financial, tax and estate plans.

Current Tax Law Changes: Considerations Before Engaging in a Lifetime Gift Program (PDF)
The most important consideration in family wealth planning is to be sure that you retain sufficient assets to provide for yourself and your spouse during your lifetimes.

Current Tax Law Changes: Impact of the Law on Estate Planning (PDF)
You may wish to review your wills, trusts and assets to determine if your plan still functions as you intend in light of recent tax law changes.

Current Tax Law Changes: Lifetime Credit Shelter Trusts (PDF)
A useful planning tool, the Lifetime Credit Shelter Trust is designed specifically so that it will not qualify for the unlimited marital deduction.

From the big-picture decisions to the fine details, the guidance of a trusted advisor can assist you with making your philanthropy meaningful and effective. Atlantic Trust's relationship managers and wealth strategists are available to help you think strategically about your long- and short-term philanthropic goals. To get you through this journey, we've developed a Strategic Philanthropy Resource Guide, with materials from some of our strategic partners.

Strategic Giving: Philanthropy with Purpose (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
Philanthropy—it's a big melting pot with a wide diversity of resources, personalities, passions, causes and influences. Atlantic Trust can help you think strategically when setting your giving goals.

Impactful Philanthropy

Donor Collaboration: Power in Numbers (PDF)
The Philanthropic Initiative
While donor collaboration is not a new concept, it has gained currency as funders seek to have an impact on ever more complex problems, where their individual giving may not be substantial enough to make the kind of difference they desire.

Global Giving: Making a World of Difference (PDF)
The Philanthropic Initiative
A growing number of donors are seeking ways to address issues and problems beyond their borders. Why? What motivates them? We attempt to answer these and other questions.

Strategic Philanthropy: Five Approaches to Making a Difference (PDF)
Foundation Source
Foundation Source observes five common paths taken by foundations in their quest to make a difference. Is one approach better than the other?

Making a Difference: Evaluating Your Philanthropy (PDF)
The Philanthropic Initiative
The most effective evaluation efforts are tailored to the size, scale and complexity of the initiative under review and conform to the donor's philanthropic goals, strategy and learning style.

Passion: Discovering the Meaning in Your Philanthropy (PDF)
The Philanthropic Initiative
How can you better reflect upon your strongest and deepest feelings about what you want to accomplish with your giving, and how does your giving connect to your satisfaction as a philanthropist?

Legacy and Family

Engaging the Family in Your Philanthropy: Creative Strategies and Practical Approaches to Involving the Next Generation (PDF)
Foundation Source
Families create foundations for one or both of two reasons: to create positive change in the world or to achieve some outcome within the family. Engaging children of all ages in philanthropy isn't easy.

Legacy Planning: It's Not About the Money (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
Preserving and managing tangible wealth in a complex and uncertain world can be a challenge. However, the greatest challenge you and your family might face is defining, reflecting on and expressing what your wealth really means.

Planning for Your Charitable Legacy (PDF)
Schwab Charitable
While your estate plan is typically comprised of various complex legal documents, it can also serve as a final message that reflects your personal values and leaves a lasting legacy by which your family will remember you.

Raising Children with Philanthropic Values (PDF)
The Philanthropic Initiative
Promoting appropriate and responsible philanthropy within the family is a wonderful way to extend a parent's legacy into the next generation.

Assets to Give

Charitable Giving Alternatives: Planning Matrix (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
A comparison of the features, terms, costs, tax benefits and risks can help you decided which giving options are a good fit for your goals.

Charitable Lead Trusts (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
The transfer tax benefits of a charitable lead trust that pays an income stream to charity for a set term, with the balance passing to heirs when the trust ends, can help you achieve your philanthropic goals while also passing assets to your children and grandchildren.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
The benefits of a trust that pays an income stream to an individual for a set term, with the balance passing to the charity when the trust ends, can help you maintain your standard of living while also benefiting your favorite charity.

Initial Public Offerings: Charitable Tax Planning (PDF)
Schwab Charitable
For executives, insiders and early investors in companies going public, donating a portion of your IPO shares directly to charity may result in a favorable tax and charitable impact.

Lifetime Charitable Gifts: Choosing the Assets to Donate (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
Lifetime gifts can provide you with significant advantages over charitable bequests, including giving you the opportunity to see the charity of your choice use your gift to further its goals during your lifetime.

Privately Held Stock within Private Foundations (PDF)
Foundation Source
One of the most appealing qualities of a private foundation is the tremendous degree of flexibility it provides to its board for making investment decisions, including investments in privately held stock.

Year-End Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls for Private Foundations (PDF)
Foundation Source
When contributing to foundations, donors should take care to avoid common pitfalls, while advisors to private foundations should consider specific strategies.

Private Foundations and Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)

A Side-By-Side Comparison of Private Foundations and DAFs (PDF)
Foundation Source
In looking to create a charitable vehicle, you may also be considering whether to establish a private foundation or a DAF.

Donor-Advised Funds (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
If you require anonymity and do not want to be involved in the administrative tasks related to a charitable donation, you may want to consider a DAF.

Private Foundation vs. DAF: Self-Assessment Survey (PDF)
Schwab Charitable
This survey is designed to help you evaluate whether a private foundation or a DAF account is the better charitable vehicle for your philanthropy.

Private Foundations vs. DAF: 12 Reasons Why Today's Private Foundation May Be a Better Choice (PDF)
Foundation Source
While DAFs are a great option for many donors, a private foundation could be a better choice for you and your philanthropic goals.

Private Foundations

Advanced Tax Strategies for Private Foundations (PDF)
Foundation Source
Foundations can maximize deductions and preserve their portfolios by selling appreciated capital assets, making qualified distributions and implementing other tax strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Foundations (PDF)
Foundation Source
Even though private foundations are a top choice for individuals and families seeking philanthropic flexibility and impact, many still have common questions they want answered.

Hallmarks of a Well-run Foundation: A Guide for Foundation Members (PDF)
Foundation Source
For a private foundation to be successful, a foundation needs knowledgeable leadership, transparent processes, documented policies and attention to detail.

Handbook for Directors and Trustees of Private Foundations (PDF)
Ridgeway Philanthropy
Directors and trustees should be informed about basic issues of importance to their private foundations.

Private Foundation: Creating Your Own Family Legacy (PDF)
Atlantic Trust
A private foundation can help you make grants to publicly supported charities, non-profit organizations, qualified individuals and government bodies.

Private Foundations for 21st Century Philanthropists: Outsourcing for Impact (PDF)
Foundation Source
In order to achieve their goals, 21st century donors need the right combination of technology, tools and talent.

Taking Your Foundation to the Next Level (PDF)
Foundation Source
After you've created a family or donor-led foundation, you will need to establish a framework for exceeding your philanthropic goals and recharging family relationships.

General Resources

A Glossary of Terms and Definitions (PDF)
Ridgeway Philanthropy
The world of charitable giving is riddled with complex terminology. This quick and easy alphabetical guide provides definitions to some of the most commonly used terms and phrases associated with philanthropic giving.

Books to Be Sure to Read (PDF)
Ridgeway Philanthropy
This guide includes a list of the top 10 books every philanthropist, young or old, should have in his or her library.

Atlantic Trust's Strategic Partners
For more information on the firms with resources on this page, please visit their websites:
Foundation Source | Schwab Charitable | Ridgeway Philanthropy | The Philanthropic Initiative

You can also view a demo of Foundation Source Online, a tool you may find helpful in developing and implementing your philanthropic goals.

Family Business Transition Planning: The Jones Family Business Case Study (PDF)
These examples illustrate how family business transition planning might work for a family with diverse needs and interests.

Family Business Transition Planning, Part 1: All in the Family: Peace, Love, Harmony, a Continuing Business—and a Good Estate Plan (PDF)
There is much at stake with a family business, especially when the discussions about passing it down or passing it on to outsiders begin to take place. In part 1 of this series, we take a look at the issues every business owner should examine when beginning a transition plan centered on keeping it in the family.

Family Business Transition Planning, Part 2: Still in the Family: Family Dynamics in a Family Business (PDF)
Family businesses are a breed unto themselves, with the potential for both reaching spectacular heights and falling victim to lurking disaster. The universal themes that face families in business together add a layer of complexity to what can often already be complex family dynamics.

Family Business Transition Planning, Part 3: Heading for the Exit: When the Family Sells the Business (PDF)
Mom, baseball and apple pie—the family business ranks right up there with all things quintessentially American. And the dream of most founding owners of a family business is for the business to continue on in the hands of the next generation of family, but this isn't a viable option for many businesses for many reasons.

The "C" Suite: Serving Multi-Generational Families (PDF)
A multi-family office is a center for comprehensive, customized services to meet the needs of a family's many generations.

A Family Affair: Strengthening the Ties that Bind (PDF)
The recent financial environment has exaggerated pre-existing fault lines for many families. Now is a great time to explore issues and strengthen family communication.

Family Limited Liability Entities (PDF)
Family Limited Liability Entities can help you consolidate investments, share income with family members in lower tax brackets, protect assets and develop long-term estate plans.

Family Office: Making Your Life Easier (PDF)
There are numerous advantages to forming a family office to manage investments and trusts on behalf of your family.

Legacy Planning: It's Not About the Money (PDF)
Preserving and managing tangible wealth in a complex and uncertain world can be a challenge. However, the greatest challenge you and your family might face is defining, reflecting on and expressing what your wealth really means.

The 20-Somethings: A Decade of Teachable Moments (PDF)
The pathway to responsible adulthood—and wealth responsibility—starts at home. How can you help your children and grandchildren learn the basics of financial education?

The Most Meaningful Legacy: A Gift for Giver and Receiver (PDF)
Traditional wills involve what you want your loved ones to have. Ethical wills involve what you want your loved ones to know and, therefore, should be considered an essential piece of your estate plan.

Unlocking a Concentrated Holding (PDF)
For wealth preservation, concentration is not necessarily a good strategy. Here's what you need to know about concentrated holdings—and whether you should sell, hedge, exchange, donate or transfer.

Financial Self-Defense, Part 1: Financial Security Risk (PDF)
It is important to understand the essentials of financial risk management, including understanding and acting on threats of exposure to liability, household risk management issues and online theft.

Financial Self-Defense, Part 2: Reputation Risk (PDF)
In the digital age, discussing the importance of reputation and creating a social media strategy are just some of the practical ways to manage threats to reputation and legacy in your family.

Financial Self-Defense, Part 3: Personal Safety Risk (PDF)
Personal security concerns can be lessened and prevented by learning how to control the risks of
finance-related violent crime, including kidnapping at home and abroad.

Life Insurance (PDF)
A well-constructed and comprehensive private wealth management plan includes a life insurance program that is up-to-date and consistent with your goals and objectives.

Loving Union, Legal Contract (PDF)
Although no happily engaged couple wishes this to be the case, there are many "what if" scenarios that make it prudent to consider protecting both prenuptial and postnuptial assets.

Preserving Family Wealth: Asset Protection Strategies (PDF)
Whether you created your wealth or inherited it, preserving that fortune for future generations goes beyond sound investment management.

A Culture of Care: What Does Being a Fiduciary Mean? (PDF)
We explore what it means to be a fiduciary, with parameters of care and responsibility for our client assets and a duty to act in our clients' best interests.

A Private Trust Company (PDF)
If you need a flexible entity to act as a trustee for one or more of your family trusts, a private trust company is one option you should consider.

A Trustee's Delicate Balance: Family Legacy Planning in Difficult Times (PDF)
Tensions between beneficiaries can emerge in any trust, and the trustee's role is to manage the potentially adverse interest of beneficiaries while also adhering to trust administration rules and regulations.

Balancing Interests Between Trust Beneficiaries(video)
CIO David Donabedian, CFA, describes Atlantic Trust's careful consideration of the terms of a trust and their impact on the varying interests of multi-generational income and remainder beneficiaries.

Choosing a Trustee (PDF)
The success of a trust, regardless of its estate- and tax-planning goals, depends largely on the trustee responsible for carrying out your intentions.

Putting Your Trust in a Trustee: Why Atlantic Trust as Trustee? (PDF)
Individuals and families who select Atlantic Trust to serve as trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee of their trusts can count on stability and permanence that individual trustees cannot match.